Anna Tullis

Anna Tullis is a mother of my 4x great-grandmother Eleanor “Nellie” Garrison. Anna Tullis was born  on Aug 2 or the 12th 1765, the daughter of William Tullis Sr. and Mary Platts, she was born in Cumberland County, New Jersey. According to the research and manuscript of Charles Ewing Sheppard Esq. a noted lawyer, genealogist and historian from Cumberland County, New Jersey, who had interviewed and researched and even interrogated close friends, neighbors and even family members of his that had lived in the community as if they were on the witness stand in the courtroom.. all of Charles E. Sheppard’s notes and research records notes are now held at the New Jersey State Archives, and at most of local Historical and Genealogical Societies, he was also a published author.

When I first started my genealogical research on the Griner name with the help from my 5th cousin Jennifer Griner, another descendant of John Griner and Eleanor Garrison. Jennifer’s dna also matched with my late mother’s brother Richard Ognan and this also confirmed the accrcury of DNA testing, but as I stated before I still wanted to find out where Beverly McNally got the name of Eleanor’s parents as Anna Tullis from. I started writing down clues and starting thinking outside the box, so I decided to a Google and Bing search on Eleanor’s parents as Anna Tullis and Cornelius Garrison, but not much information is online about them, so I contacted Bill Saunderlin again at the Cumberland County Historical Society in New Jersey and asked him to if there is any notes, and or any research done on Anna Tullis and her husband Cornelius Garrison and a few days later I got a respond back from him with a yes then he has attached the images of sources and notes that he found at the Historical Society. The first attachment that I saw was the scrap notes that was copied off of Charles Sheppard’s research notes.

scrap note from Bill Saunderlin that was copied off of Charles Sheppard’s research notes. Cumberland County Historical Society

When I first saw the scrap notes in my email attachment from Bill, I knew right away that there are circumstantial evidence surrounding the dates of these people. I noticed that Anna Tullis was born on August 2nd 1765 and she lived  a long life well into her 90’s. I later realized that I may have her death date if I looked into the book called “The West Jersey Pioneer of Bridgeton, New Jersey – Marriages & Deaths – November 1852-1859.” that is published by my 6th cousin Andrea Batcho. (Andrea Batcho and I share the same Loder Ancestry) which I happen to own a copy.. I prayed that I will be able to find Anna Blew in there as a 90 year old woman and I found my 5th great-grandmother, Blew is her 2nd married last name. (she was married 2 times) ( I will explain more later) I was so happy I found her death date so I quickly emailed Bill again and asked him if he can find the obituary of Anna Tullis Garrison Blew, sure enough I got a respond and gotten an the attachment to the copy of her obituary from Bill.

I have finally found her actual death date, Anna Blew died on July 14th 1858 in Bridgeton, New Jersey, Her first husband Cornelius Garrison died in Dec of 1794, when Eleanor Garrison was about 14 years old, but for some reason her name did not appear in Cornelius’s Inventory records, this is probably because she was still a child so there no reason for her to be mentioned in his inventory records and her father died without a will, however in the inventory record, His wife Anna was mentioned, along with some of the Tullis relatives and a guy name David Garrison, who is the brother of Cornelius Garrison, Daniel Garrison is Cornelis’s father. His father Daniel died in December of 1799  a only five years after his son Cornelius, some other relatives that is mentioned in the inventory records are Arthur Davis, husband of Mary Tullis (sister of Anna Tullis) and Moses Tullis, mostly likely the son of William Tullis, a brother of my 5x great-grandmother Anna Tullis. There is the just a translation of the inventory records that Ruth Udwary, a former DAR registrar did for me. (The original photocopy of the inventory records that I ordered from the New Jersey State Archives, is a little too much to be posted on here.)

This inventory shed some more clues about the family connection, now I know that Anna Tullis’s husband Cornelius Garrison died in Dec 1794, when Eleanor was still a teenager. I later found out that Anna Tullis later remarried to Seeley Blew on March 8th, 1797 at Deerfield Presbyterian Church in Deerfield , New Jersey

New Jersey County Marriage record for Seeley Blew and Mrs. Anna Garrison- March 8th, 1797, Cumberland County New Jersey Marriages, – County clerks records-Book A page #20 of 224

And started a second family with her 2nd husband and according to the NJ Genesis which is a genealogical magazine that are published in volumes and is held at the Cumberland County Historical Society, shows this:  (read the section about Seeley Blew)

Anna Tullis Garrison Blew is mentioned in the New Jersey Genesis as wife of Seeley Blew. Seeley Blew was Anna Garrison’s 2nd husband.

Now I know that Anna Blew’s obituary is the correct one because in 1850’s Anna ( my 5x great-grandmother) is still alive in the 1850 so the next step I took from there is that I went on to check and see if Anna Blew is mentioned in Bridgeton, New Jersey 1850’s state census records and I found her..

My 5x great-grandmother Anna Tullis Blew in the 1850’s state census of Bridgeton, New Jersey dated August 22nd, 1850

In this state census this shows Anna Blew age 85 years, now remember she died in 1858. She was living with her son Curtis Blew and his family  (house # 369) and another surprise just two doors down on the same street is another son of Anna Blew named William Blew (House # 371) and guess who living in William’s household?! Daniel Loder, age 18 occupation.. a farmer. ( this Daniel Loder III is a relative of Rachel Loder, the wife of Eli Griner (the grandson of Anna Blew.) How cool is that?! Anyway moving along this part confirms the accuracy of Beverly McNally’s research, but I still wanted more tangible proof so idea of thinking outside the block is looking at the family of William Tullis (the father of Anna Tullis) and his children.

While looking for the confirmation of William Tullis children’s in any of the records Laura has found another county deed in reference to Seeley Blew and his wife Anna Blew and in this records it mentioned that Anna Blew is the daughter of William Tullis of Deerfield, New Jersey.

Here is the preview screenshot of the records that has yet to be translated

New Jersey County Deeds for Anna Tullis Blew and Seeley and in this county deed it mentioned that Anna Blew is the daughter of the late William Tullis.

with all of the connecting records from the 1850 state census for Anna Blew’s son William Blew and In the household William mentioned that Daniel Loder is living there. (Daniel is a relative of Rachel Loder, my 3rd great-grandmother) this just confirms the family connection between the Loder, and the Griner to Anna Blew. and in support of the late Cornelius Garrison’s deed record, the 1st husband of Anna Tullis; these people are the relative of Anna Tullis Garrison Blew.

Now we know now that Eleanor is indeed one of the granddaughter of William Tullis Sr. and knowing now for sure that Anna Tullis is indeed my 5x great-grandmother by her first marriage to Cornelius Garrison, who died in December of 1794.