Eleanor Griner

Eleanor “Nelly” Garrison was the wife of John Griner and daughter of Anna Tullis and Cornelius Garrison. Eleanor Garrison was born in Cumberland County, New Jersey around 1780, her birth and death has not yet been found yet, but according to the records Eleanor married John Griner in 1807. I know this because according to the records of one her mother’s siblings named Ruth Tullis, who married Joseph Fauver, her husband Joseph Fauver, (Eleanor’s uncle) has left a will dated April 6th 1804. It shows that this Eleanor Garrison is the witness to her uncle’s will, along with some of the Tullis relatives mentioned.

The will summery of Joseph Fauver of Deerfield, New Jersey dated April 6th, 1804. Joseph was married to Ruth Tullis, aunt of Eleanor Garrison and one of the sisters of Anna Tullis.

Now I know that Eleanor Garrison was still single in 1804, so that mean that Eleanor Griner and John Griner got married after April 1804 during the time frame before the birth of their first son Barret Griner who was born in 1811, according to the genealogy book published by Beverly McNally called “Descendants of Peter Griner” There are also some notes and records are held at the Cumberland County Historical Society in Greenwich, New Jersey. This is the listing of the children of John Griner and Eleanor Garrison in Beverly McNally genealogy book.

“Descendants of Peter Griner” page #12; genealogy book published by my late cousin Beverly (nee Griner) McNally.  The Cumberland County Historical Society.

 As I was reading the photo email attachment of the page out of Beverly McNally genealogy work, I noticed that there is a source reference number for the record, I went to the endnote to where all the list of sources of records can be found. Thankfully to my cousin Jennie Griner, she had photocopied the entire genealogy book via dropbox I was able find the source listing of record to the sale of land deed, so in time I have asked another Griner cousin who live in the Cumberland County area to check the record for me and she did. I gave her the source reference to where the actual record of the sale of land deed is, in other words The Cumberland County, New Jersey Deed. Once, she gotten my information from the source reference from the genealogy book of Peter Griner, she then took the time to travel to the county deeds office in Bridgeton to take pictures of the actual record of the sale of land from John Griner and Eleanor Griner to Nathan L. Stratton, John Buck and Daniel Fithian.

screenshot of the record of the Sales of Land between John and Eleanor Griner to Nathan L. Stratton, John Buck and Daniel Fithian – records of County Deeds office, Bridgeton, New Jersey.

Seeing the actual photo records of the land deeds being sold to Nathan L. Stratton, John Buck and Daniel Fithian. It confirms the accuracy of Beverly McNally’s own research and validity and worthiness of Ancestry DNA testing. (glad I took it). All of these records, and Ancestry Dna testing confirms that the genealogical puzzle of my own research and my DNA plus my mother’s brother’s DNA with other Griner cousins who also took the same Ancestry DNA test, also matched their records as well, and after years of my Mom’s and Grandmother’s own research into the Griner line which was a brick wall is NOW no more.. Thanks to Ancestry DNA, being the key to unlocking the Griner’s past and finally breaking down the brick wall.. is really a gift. All of this took me putting three years (starting again in 2014) to finally be able to pieces back together, genealogically our Griner Family Tree.

When Jennie Griner took the time to scan the entire genealogy book of “Peter Griner and his descendants” I then took the time to read the scans of the book, I quickly noticed the Beverly McNally mentioned that Eleanor Garrison’s parents were Anna Tullis and Cornelius Garrison.. I thought.. hmm.. interesting who were they? But Beverly never went in that direction to research and publish our Tullis’s line so there was no sources in reference to Anna Tullis and Cornelius Garrison, Eleanor’s parents, but then I know that Beverly’s work was primarily focused on the Griner family, as it should be. I trust her research, but I still take it with a grain of salt , so I decided to get to work on the Tullis line and start digging around and thinking outside the box. I took Beverly research as an outline as shown below and begin working on locating the records that connects Eleanor Garrison to her mother Anna Tullis.

“Descendants of Peter Griner” page #11; genealogy book published by my late cousin Beverly (nee Griner) McNally.  The Cumberland County Historical Society.

Updates: There are new records coming to light online as of December, 2018 that Laura Buzzell had found on FamilySearch.org she had forward the two links to me via ancestry.com to my surprise. It has yet to be translated John Stewarh, Mary Stewarh, Ellen Gunir (Griner), John Gunir (Griner), Eli Garrison, William Biggs (Briggs), Elizabeth Biggs (Briggs), David Garrison, (Brother of Cornelius Garrison), and Anna Blue (Blew). this is the record of the estate and heirs of Cornelius Garrison.

On the 2nd page it says (midway down)
“[descrption of land]… be the same more or less which tract of land became the right of the party of the first part, as being heirs at law of the Estate of Cornelius Garrison late of the county of Salem aforesaid who died intestate, as tenants in common.”

So.. these people are the heirs to the Estate of Cornelius Garrison:
Eli Garrison
John Stewart & Mary his wife of Philadelphia
John Griner and Ellen his wife
William Biggs and Elizabeth his wife
David Garrison
Ann Blue

Preview screenshot of the deeds of Cornelius Garrison dated  june 27, 1814.

The records here are being shown that Eleanor is the daughter of Anna GarrIson Blew (nee Tullis) and Cornelius Garrison.