Eli Griner Sr.

The records that shows that Louis Griner’s parents were Eli Griner and Rachel Loder, daughter of Ephraim Loder and Lydia Woolford of Cumberland County, New Jersey. (More on her family later.) Eli Griner’s parents were John Griner and Eleanor Garrison, also both of Cumberland County, New Jersey. 

After I took a test to confirm my research of my paper trails, its confirms that my DNA matched another descendants of John Griner and Eleanor “Nelly” Garrison, they had a large family and they resided on a farm. They were neighbors and this is how and where Eli Griner and Rachel Loder, my 3rd great grandparents met.

According to me and my late mother’s brother Rick Ognan’s it shows that  our DNA matches with Jennifer Griner and Margaret (nee Griner) Smith and among other descendants of John Griner and Elenor Garrison.

My DNA match with Jennifer Lynn Griner on Ancestry DNA.

After discovering new dna matches with the descendants of John Griner, son of Peter Griner and Rebecca Maul. I asked Bill Saunderlin, who is a volunteer researcher (what an awesome guy he is) at the Cumberland County Historical Society and see if he can find the marriage record of my 3x great grandparents Eli Griner and Rachel Loder, he did and he told me to contact the New Jersey State Archives in Trenton, New Jersey and I provide them with Eli and Rachael’s marriage license number and I placed the order of the marriage record online and it came in the mail a few weeks later.

The marriage record shows that Eli Griner and Rachel Loder were married by George Souder, a justice of the peace on September 25th, 1837, this couple lived in Deerfield, Cumberland County, New Jersey.

My late cousin Beverly Griner McNally had done a genealogy research of our ancestor Peter Griner Sr. and his descendants long before Ancestry DNA came into the picture. Beverly died in 2010.

Here is the burial records of Eli Griner Sr. with his wife Rachael Griner (nee Loder) that my distant Loder cousin Andrea Batcho has found for me.