Elizabeth Bassett Proctor’s Pedigree

      9th Great-Aunt.

Elizabeth Proctor (née Bassett) was the wife of wealthy farmer John Proctor (of Salem Village), and was accused of witchcraft in the ‘Salem Witch Trials’ in 1692. She was also known as Goody Proctor. Born and raised in Lynn, Massachusetts, she came to Salem after her marriage to Proctor, in 1674. During the ‘Salem Witch Trial’ hysteria, a servant of the Proctors Mary Warren and another afflicted girl accused Elizabeth of performing witchcraft and tormenting them. John Indian and several girls accused her of trying to make them write in her devil’s book. Her husband, John Proctor, was also arrested under the same charges. Although several people submitted petitions endorsing that the Proctors were good Christian people, still, on the basis of spectral evidence the couple was declared guilty and was sentenced to be executed. As Elizabeth was pregnant she received a stay of execution, but John was hanged. After a year, Elizabeth and 150 other convicts were released, and after a number of years, the trials were declared unlawful. Elizabeth remarried in 1699 to Daniel Richard, and in 1703, the trial accused were granted reversal of attainder by the Massachusetts Legislature.