Esther Fithian

Esther Fithian is my 7th great grandmother and a mother of my 6x great grandfather William Tullis Sr. William’s mother was Esther Fithian.

Esther Fithian, was the only daughter of Samuel Fithian and Priscilla Burnett, she was born on March 6th, 1691 in Salem County, New Jersey. Samuel and Priscilla had a total of 7 children – 6 boys and 1 girl.


The biography sketch of J. Hampton Fithian published in The History of the First Congressional District of New Jersey pg #418.

in 1714 Esther Fithian met and married my 7x great-grandfather Robert Tullis Sr. and had five children.

Burnet-Ferguson-Schneider: A Family History by Jim Schneider ( page # 37 & 38

The Fithian Family and The Tullis family were members of the Greenwich Presbyterian Church, where Priscilla Burnett and her husband Samuel Fithian were married at, they were married on March 6th, 1679 and later their grandson William Tullis Sr. married there also to Mary Platts, as his second wife.

Here is the history of Robert Tullis Sr.

Tullis Family History Report by: Thomas S. Tullis. (Tullis Tree – a family history newsletter)

Robert Tullis got married around 1714 when Esther was 23 years old. I found another records that supports the Tullis and Fithian family connection is a record of the will of Henry Joyce of Greenwich, NJ, according to the the will I do not know if this Joyce is another relations of the Fithian’s, but I can confirm that the wife of Robert Tullis is Esther Fithian, this is shown that the relationship between Robert’s wife Esther Fithian and the witnesses to the will are her 3 bothers Samuel, Josiah, and Mathias Fithian who are the few children of Samuel B. Fithian Sr. and Priscilla Fithian (nee Burnett).

Photo snippet of Robert Tullis that is being mentioned in Henry’s Joyce will.
Source: New Jersey, Abstract of Wills, 1670-1817 for Henry Joyce of Geenwitch, NJ; Volume xxIII, Abstract of Wills, 1670-1730 pg # 269

Also, according to Ancestry DNA I have a DNA match with two more Fithian cousin, the first one is Susan Nocera, she is the direct descendant of William Fithian and Margaret (surname unknown), her ancestor is Lt. Enoch Fithian, he was the brother of my ancestor Samuel Fithian Sr., Enoch married Miriam Burnett, who was a sister of Priscilla Burnett, who also my ancestor. according to Ancestry DNA, I also have another match on my uncle’s rick DNA list who also shares the same Tullis/Fithian ancestry, but I emailed him a few times, but he hasn’t respond as of yet.

another match on Ancestry DNA that confirmed the DNA match of my maternal uncle to a descendant of William Tullis’s brother Moses Tullis.

I also found another clue about the Tullis Family that is from the page of the diary of Philip Vickers Fithian and in his diary, Philip has mentioned that William Sr. and Moses Sr. Tullis as brother this shows that Ancestry DNA is spot on again.

Philip Vickers Fithian in his diary mentioned that William Tullis and Moses Tullis are indeed brothers