Famous Kins’s Actual Records

Since one of my maternal great-grandfather, Charles Berdeaux Griner
is my only relative that had known ancestors who was here at early as 1635, who all arrived during the great migration period about 15 years after the arrival of the mayflower. (I don’t know if I have actual kinship to ancestors who arrived on the Mayflower as of today the finding is no).  The earliest known ancestors (according to the original records) are:

  1. Robert Elwell, Sr. of Gloucester, Massachusetts (married) Joanne Dalliber
  2. Capt. William Bassett Sr. of Lynn, Massachusetts (married) Sarah Burt
  3. Thomas Burnett Jr. of Southampton, Long Island, New York (married) Mary Cooper
  4. John Cooper Sr of Southampton, Long Island, New York (married) Wilbroe Griggs
  5. Daniel Abbott Sr. of Providence, Rhode Island (married) Mary Mills
  6. Thomas Walling Sr. of Providence, Rhode Island (married) Sarah Elwell
  7. Alexander Burnett, 11th Laird of Leys and Hon. Katherine Arbuthnot of Aberdeenshire, Scotland

All of these ancestors are my ancestors and some of these ancestors has famous descendants. I have compiled family records of each of these famous descendants that connects to a common ancestors listed above