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Finding Louisa May Alcott


When I was growing up I often wondered if I was in anyway related to Louisa May Alcott, the author of “Little Women” while reading one of her books that my mom had given to me one spring afternoon. my mother, had just gotten home from work that afternoon and caught me watching tv and pigging out. she said to me  “you watch too much tv! need to do something else, beside sitting in-front of the tv all day. Anyway, I got you something for you from Connie” (one of my mother’s co-worker) at work. And she toss the book at me and said ” I think you will like this”.. I looked at the cover and I said”oh! what this about?” she said, “read it then tell me what the story about”, so I got up walked into my bedroom and I started reading the book on my bed.. And it lasted an hour or two during until mom called me for dinner. To this day I will always remember that my mother, Nancy was the one who introduced me to the book “Little Women”. I did not know then, that Louisa’s mother Abigail May and her four daughters were actually my maternal cousins on my great-grandfather, Charles Griner’s paternal side of his family.

Years later as an adult I soon later found out that the novel “Little Women” is actually based on Louisa’s own life growing up at Orchard House in Concord, Massachusetts with her own family. Her father was Bronson Alcott (“Mr. March” in Little Women) and her mother was Abigail May Alcott (“Marmee” in Little Women) and the four daughters were Anna Bronson Alcott (“Meg” in Little Women), Louisa May Alcott (“Jo” in Little Women”), Abigail “Abba” May Alcott (“Amy” in Little Women), and Elizabeth Sewell Alcott (“Beth” in Little Women). The story itself is semi-fiction.

Family History

The family connection to Louisa May Alcott is on my maternal side of my family. My maternal great-grandfather, Charles Griner’s paternal 5th great-grandmother, Priscilla Burnett’s mother was Mary Cooper, one of her sisters was Ann Cooper, who was the ancestor of Louisa May Alcott. their parents were John Cooper Sr. and Wilbroe Griggs of Southampton, Long Island. Please read: (The Cooper Family of Southampton, Long Island) and see my relationship to Louisa May Alcott



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