Fredericka Kempff

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Full Name Fredericka Kempff -
Birth#1Date of Birth13 May 1833
Place of BirthMeisenheim, Bad Kreuznach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Father Frederick Kempff
Mother Henrietta
Siblings ♂️ Louis Kempff, Rear Admiral of the United States Navy, ♂️ Dr. Fredrick Kempff, ♀️ Henrietta Kempff, ♀️ Amelia Kempff
Spouse#1NameCharles Berdeaux
Children ♂️ Charles Frederick Berdeaux, ♀️ Henrietta Berdeaux, ♀️ Emily Berdeaux
#2NameConrad Zaehringer
Children ♀️ Elisabetha Zaehringer, ♂️ Gustave Zaehringer, ♂️ Fredrick Zaehringer, ♀️ Ida Zaehringer, ♀️ Freda Zaehringer
Death#1Date of death23 Dec 1912
Place of deathBelleville, St Clair County, Illinois
Arrival #1Date1835
Burial #1
PlaceBelleville, St. Clair County, Illinois, USA
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