How is Louisa May Alcott related to me?

American author, Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) is my 7th cousin 4x removed on my maternal great-grandfather, Charles Griner’s paternal side of his family, sharing a common ancestors by the name of John Cooper Sr. (1594- 1662) and by his wife, Wilbroe Griggs (1593-1662). John Sr. and his wife, Wilbroe had five children: Ann, Mary, Thomas, John and Martha they were all born in Onley, Buckinghamshire, England a couple years after the birth of their children; the family decided to move the america and was part of the Puritans Great Migration arriving on the ship called the “Hopewell” sailing from London, UK and arriving in April of 1635 to the coast of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, fifteen years after the Mayflower.

The Cooper family first settled in Lynn, Massachusetts, then finally settling down for good in Southampton on Long Island.

Two of their children Ann (b. 1619), were the ancestor of Louisa May Alcott and Mary (b.1621) is my ancestor. Ann and Mary were sisters.

Louisa May Alcott’s ancestor Ann Cooper married John White Sr. of the same area and my ancestor, Mary married Thomas Burnett of Leys Jr., against her father’s wishes.

According to the Second Book of Records in the town of Southampton Early Records of Southampton with other Ancient Document: Volume Two. John Cooper Sr. left a will and in the will it mention his all of his children, expect for Mary and she was not mentioned… why is that? was she dead by the time her father wrote the will? or was there some animosity among some family members? that is quite possible!

According to the ship mentifast of the Hopewell John Cooper Sr. arrived to the America with his wife, Wilbroe, his stepson, Henty Pierson from his wife 1st marriage to the late William Pierson and their 5 children are mentioned:

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