Line of Descent from King Edward III of England


20th Great-Grandfather.                                                                   

Edward III (13 November 1312–21 June 1377) was King of England. He ruled for 50 years. He made England the strongest military power in Europe. Edward was crowned when he was fourteen years old, after his father was forced to abdicate. After his victory against the Scots, he declared himself heir to the French throne in 1337, and this was the start of the Hundred Years’ War.

  • The descendancy from King Edward III of England come from my maternal great-grandfather Charles Berdeaux Griner’s father’s line. Charles Griner’s paternal 5x great-grandmother was Priscilla Burnett of Leys, she was a member of Burnett of Leys family and a documented great-granddaughter of Alexander Burnett, 11th Laird of Leys and the Hon. Katherine Arbuthnot of Fiddes, daughter of Robert Arbuthnot of Fiddes and Isabel Burnett of Leys. The Burnett of Leys’ ancestry are also recorded in the Peerage of The United Kingdom.
  • See all 77 records from King Edward III to my late mother, Nancy.


The two Coat Of Arms of Alexander Burnett, 9th Laird of Leys and his wife, Lady Janet Hamilton. their two coats of arms was impaled into one Coat Of Arms to identify the union and validity of their marriage in 1520.