List of Family Records

Actual Family Records in Existence

Collected and put together in .pdf files by: Anne Sturm

Over the past few years, while I have been researching my family history. I have met a lot of new cousins that I did not know existed, some lives near by and others as far away as California, New Jersey, and etc.. some of my cousins even had asked me for assistance in their genealogical research and even asked me to fix their tree on once we found our who are our common ancestors are! it’s is an amazing project to work on along with other cousins with the KEY help of Ancestry DNA and while in the process of researching, there has been newly discovered records coming to light in many different directions. Some are from my newly distance cousins, others are from The New Jersey State Archives and etc.. Its is truly a team project that takes time and patience and alot of effort on their end and mine, and sometimes we all disagree.. right?, so I am forever thankful! SO Thank You! Love you guys!

 I have also taken a lot of my time and money to researching, ordering records and ordering books from overseas like England and from Crathes Castle in Scotland and purchasing genealogical books that been out of print since 1989! across the US like “Elisha Wallen: The Longhunter” published by Carolyn D. Wallen. I found one sold on from a third-party seller for as high as over $1,000! (Not kidding), but I was able to catch one at a low price of $495. As new. (Thank God) That was a genealogical risk of a gamble that I took. and to my surprise, I have no regrets of ever purchasing that book, as it turns out that Mary Walling, The 2nd wife of Jacob Garrison, Jr. (my 7th great-grandmother) is listed in there, and also I have gotten a few DNA matches from the cousins on the Wallen/Walling side who’s ancestors and their families that are also mentioned in that book.. is that crazy?? Am I crazy? Or is that just a coincidence? Is Ancestry DNA playing a game on me? Nope, not at all.

Same thing for the Burnett/Fithian ancestry.. my first reaction to discovering that my great-grandfather Charles Griner’s 5th great-grandmother Priscilla Burnett and her husband Samuel Fithian, is mentioned in the genealogical records and books of Burnett of Leys family.. was a few of this: “This is load of crap! Come on! ..“ “How the hell did SHE get in there?! “HAHA, yeah right” other times my reaction was like “Nope! wait a minute.. I have to do a double check on the family connection” and sure enough it’s there in front of my own eyes in the family records and still to this day.. I have “doubt”, but is it an actual doubt? No, not at all, because there are records and and DNA to prove and confirm my research. But still in disbelief, I guess it’s still a shocker for me! Like how the hell did I get there?, while genealogy researching.

As for me, I was able to trace back my Loder ancestry back to my 6th great-grandfather, Daniel Loder and his son, my 5th great-grandfather Zenos Loder without the help of a professional genealogist and some help from my 6th cousin Andrea Batcho, The Historical Societies and the local DAR registrar, from a local chapter to help prove my ancestry to Daniel Loder the father, and his son Zenos. both ancestors of whom I’m registered under with the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. a.k.a the DAR.

I guess its not that uncommon for anyone who has deep colonial ancestry pre American Revolution days to today who has such connections to royalty and the connection to one of the darkest period in American history.. The Salem Witch Trails, for this I am truly sadden to know that such events like this ever took place. And in conclusion as I researched I have decided to do a digital image scan of actual records, and put them together in .pdf format so my relatives and family member can easily view them online, so they don’t have to ask me to send a copy and they can actually see it online for themselves. 

*please do not copy or claims any records as your own, without my permission, please ask me first.



Here are the listing of the actual records in .pdf format:

  1.  Samuel Fithian Sr’s will and inventory (click here* some translation, (Easter aka Esther, the only daughter of Samuel Fithian was given 20 pounds after her father’s deceased.) 
  2.  The Tullis Family from Scotland to America. (click here)
  3. Joseph Fauver Sr will #1 some translation (click here) and will #2 (click here) * no translation yet – (Joseph Fauver Sr. is the husband of Ruth Tullis, sister of Anna Tullis.)
  4. Henry Joyce’s will (click here) * some translation – (I do not know if there is any relations to the Joyce’s, but in his will he has provided some clues of proof of familial connections between Robert Tullis Sr. and the Fithian family), in reference please see Samuel Fithian will listed above.
  5.  Cornelius Garrison’s inventory record (click here) mentioned Anna Tullis, David Garrison, Daniel Garrison, Moses Tullis and Arthur Davis, (husband of Mary Tullis, sister of Anna Tullis.) * with translation done by Ruth Udwary, former registrar of the local DAR chapter.
  6.  John Cooper Sr. (father of Mary Copper, wife of Thomas Burnett Jr.) – The Great Migration.pdf
  7. The Genealogy of William Tullis Sr. (click here)
  8. “Peter Griner and His Descendants” by the late Beverly Griner McNally (full pdf book – 312 pages) – Peter Griner and His Descendants.pdf
  9. The First Book of Records of the Town of Southampton with other Ancient Documents of Historic Value. (click here)
  10. The Second Book of Records of the Town of Southampton with other Ancient Documents of Historic Value. (click here)
  11. The sixth volume of record of Southampton, Long Island, New York; being abstracts of Vol. II of deeds in town clerk’s office with additional unrecorded deeds (click here)