Cumberland County, New Jersey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Thomas  22 Nov 1740Cumberland County, New Jersey P1622
2 Carll, Mary Frances  20 January 1857Cumberland County, New Jersey P2449
3 Davis, Arthur  30 Sept 1752Cumberland County, New Jersey P633
4 Davis, Ebenezer Elmer  1 Feb 1869Cumberland County, New Jersey P1670
5 Davis, James  1851Cumberland County, New Jersey P2936
6 Davis, Mary  20 Jun 1793Cumberland County, New Jersey P632
7 Davis, Mary Ann  16 Nov 1815Cumberland County, New Jersey P1660
8 Davis, Robert Hamill  12 Dec 1882Cumberland County, New Jersey P2940
9 Davis, Sarah  Abt 1744Cumberland County, New Jersey P801
10 Davis, Sarah Dare  1 Aug 1821Cumberland County, New Jersey P1657
11 Fauver, Ruth  Abt 1804Cumberland County, New Jersey P637
12 Fithian, Jeremiah  5 Apr 1713Cumberland County, New Jersey P192
13 Fithian, Joel  29 Sep 1748Cumberland County, New Jersey P592
14 Fithian, Joel  30 Oct 1802Cumberland County, New Jersey P780
15 Fithian, Jonathan III  1765Cumberland County, New Jersey P791
16 Fithian, Samuel  26 Feb 1785Cumberland County, New Jersey P619
17 Fithian, Temperance  24 Oct 1740Cumberland County, New Jersey P2197
18 Garton, Jane  11 May 1839Cumberland County, New Jersey P2119
19 Hand, Frank Simpson  9 Sep 1905Cumberland County, New Jersey P1678
20 Hand, James  28 Jul 1860Cumberland County, New Jersey P1681
21 Hand, Sarah Bivins  15 Jun 1903Cumberland County, New Jersey P1679
22 Hand, Walter Lawrene  15 Apr 1894Cumberland County, New Jersey P1680
23 Loder, Amy  1813Cumberland County, New Jersey P70
24 Loder, Charlotte  1816Cumberland County, New Jersey P71
25 Loder, Daniel III  11 July 1750Cumberland County, New Jersey P87
26 Loder, Hester  24 Apr 1808Cumberland County, New Jersey P74
27 Loder, Margaret  1817Cumberland County, New Jersey P69
28 Moore, Mary  1791Cumberland County, New Jersey P1625
29 Platts, David Gilman  18 Feb 1781Cumberland County, New Jersey  P1633
30 Platts, Rachel  25 May 1764Cumberland County, New Jersey P1632
31 Reeves, Anna L.  12 Aug 1860Cumberland County, New Jersey P435
32 Reeves, Edward Sheppard  3 Dec 1827Cumberland County, New Jersey P436
33 Reeves, Esther C  26 Aug 1896Cumberland County, New Jersey P1026
34 Reeves, Jonathan  6 May 1904Cumberland County, New Jersey P1028
35 Reeves, Leslie  15 May 1873Cumberland County, New Jersey P438
36 Reeves, Michael Johnson  14 Jun 1895Cumberland County, New Jersey P442
37 Shute, Edgar  Nov 1838Cumberland County, New Jersey P2957
38 Shute, Ruth  1815Cumberland County, New Jersey P2436
39 Tullis, Daniel  3 Sep 1747Cumberland County, New Jersey P115
40 Tullis, Moses Sr  1724Cumberland County, New Jersey P134
41 Tullis, Moses  15 May 1752Cumberland County, New Jersey P121
42 Tullis, Moses Jr.  1779Cumberland County, New Jersey P646
43 Tullis, Ruth  8 Oct 1763Cumberland County, New Jersey P122
44 Woolford, Elizabeth  17 Oct 1779Cumberland County, New Jersey P3549
45 Young, David  Abt 1788Cumberland County, New Jersey P431
46 Young, Samuel  1816Cumberland County, New Jersey P430


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hannah  15 Jan 1775Cumberland County, New Jersey P102
2 Mary  After 1920Cumberland County, New Jersey P1024
3 Ackley, Margaret "Maggie"  1940Cumberland County, New Jersey P1029
4 Carll, Mary Frances  31 March 1941Cumberland County, New Jersey P2449
5 Crum, Susannah  16 Apr 1835Cumberland County, New Jersey P644
6 Davis, James  20 Nov 1893Cumberland County, New Jersey P1663
7 Davis, James  1924Cumberland County, New Jersey P2936
8 Davis, Joseph Ludlam  11 Oct 1909Cumberland County, New Jersey P1673
9 Davis, Mary  18 Apr 1868Cumberland County, New Jersey P632
10 Davis, Robert N  5 April 1879Cumberland County, New Jersey P2938
11 Davis, Ruth Pierson  2 Sep 1857Cumberland County, New Jersey P1659
12 Davis, Susan  25 Aug 1905Cumberland County, New Jersey P1665
13 Fithian, Isaac  27 Apr 1782Cumberland County, New Jersey P137
14 Fithian, Joel  9 Nov 1821Cumberland County, New Jersey P592
15 Fithian, Jonathan III  9 Feb 1832Cumberland County, New Jersey P791
16 Fithian, Martha  4 Nov 1895Cumberland County, New Jersey P1666
17 Fithian, Samuel  26 Sep 1806Cumberland County, New Jersey P619
18 Garton, Jane  21 Jun 1919Cumberland County, New Jersey P2119
19 Hand, James  21 Feb 1924Cumberland County, New Jersey P1681
20 Hand, Walter Lawrene  28 Mar 1969Cumberland County, New Jersey P1680
21 Hannan, Edward E  1 Jun 1951Cumberland County, New Jersey P1018
22 Harris, Mary  27 Feb 1851Cumberland County, New Jersey P1605
23 Holmes, Ephraim  28 May 1843Cumberland County, New Jersey P824
24 Ingersoll, Judith  26 Mar 1852Cumberland County, New Jersey P966
25 Maul, Roger  8 May 1730Cumberland County, New Jersey P334
26 Moore, Joseph  30 Apr 1800Cumberland County, New Jersey P1626
27 Moore, Mary  27 Feb 1870Cumberland County, New Jersey P1625
28 Platts, David  1763Cumberland County, New Jersey P3417
29 Platts, Johnathan III  20 Dec 1748Cumberland County, New Jersey P2779
30 Reeves, Edward  After 1930Cumberland County, New Jersey P433
31 Reeves, Leslie  10 Sep 1873Cumberland County, New Jersey P438
32 Reeves, Thomas Fisher  1939Cumberland County, New Jersey P432
33 Tullis, Harry Leon  Nov 1957Cumberland County, New Jersey P2280
34 Tullis, Moses Jr.  1817Cumberland County, New Jersey P646
35 Tullis, Ruth  6 June 1808Cumberland County, New Jersey P122
36 Tullis, William  27 Feb 1907Cumberland County, New Jersey P768
37 Walling, Mary  18 Aug 1743Cumberland County, New Jersey P2701
38 Wetherby, Judith T.  13 Sep 1886Cumberland County, New Jersey P2937


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cornwell / Loder  1 Nov 1828Cumberland County, New Jersey F91
2 Davis / Davis  27 Oct 1810Cumberland County, New Jersey F535
3 Donelson / Fithian  23 May 1774Cumberland County, New Jersey F1083
4 Griner / Pullinger  27 Mar 1865Cumberland County, New Jersey F10
5 Hunter / Rocap  21 Jun 1796Cumberland County, New Jersey F1037
6 Loder / Stratton  17 Nov 1773Cumberland County, New Jersey F873
7 Platts / Randolph  16 Dec 1806Cumberland County, New Jersey F716
8 Sayres / Loder  24 Dec 1849Cumberland County, New Jersey F92
9 Stratton / Davis  Abt 1757Cumberland County, New Jersey F202