Our Griner History

written by: Anne Sturm

Our Griner history begins with Peter Griner, who was born in Germany in 1742. Peter came with his parents and his sibling arriving in America at the age of five. There are a few versions of Peter Griner’s early life, the first version of the story is that his father died on the ship coming here. this is just facts coming from Peter himself.

Other stories of Peter Griner’s early life has also emerged from several other branches of Peter Griner’s family tree and one of his descendants, on one line claim that Peter Griner, at the age of five or six started from Germany to America with his father, mother and sister, and they were traveling to America by ship and while on ship, his immediate relatives took a disease got sick and died and was buried at sea making Peter an orphan. when Peter landed in America, he was adopted by a wealthy man in New Jersey.

On another branch of Peter Griner’s family tree, the second version of Peter Griner’s early life, is from his other descendants in New Jersey, they claimed that Peter Griner and his immediate family, whom he was traveling with was murdered on board, because of the discovery of the Griner Family’s wealth, and Peter hid and had to witness his immediate family being murdered. When Peter finally arrived in America he was put out as a bound boy and became an indentured servant for the wealthy until the age of twenty one.

When Peter Griner was 21 years old and worked his way out of the slave system, Peter soon later met and married Rebecca Maule, daughter of Benjamin Maule, who lived in Deerfield Township, New Jersey and they got married around 1766-1767 or before the birth of their first son, Charles Griner born in 1768. and soon had more children, their second son was John Griner Sr. whom we descended from. John Sr. married Eleanor “Nelly” Garrison  sometimes in 1807 and before the birth of their son Barrett Griner in 1811.