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Good news for everybody that is researching their Griner lineage that connects to Peter Griner (c.1742-1841). I was granted with permission to digitalized the “Peter Griner and His Descendants” genealogy book by one of Beverly’s daughter Dawn and is now available online in a pdf. format.. YAY!! :). you also view, and download the book, but I MUST warn you that the pdf file is HUGE! and it took me half a day to scan the entire book and make it into a searchable pdf book. you can view it here (Peter Griner and his Descendants) ( it takes a minute or two to load) So Enjoy it 🙂 and and

psst.. there might be a new publication of the genealogy book of Peter Griner and Descendants in the works! so keep your ears and eyes open! For more news updates on that.

My Griner Lineage to Peter Griner:

I wasn’t able to break my Griner brick wall until late 2014 when had started rolling out the new DNA testing platform.. I was too late in reaching out to Beverly McNally who I later found out that she has  passed away in 2010. I bummed out knowing and believing that I will never get ahold of the “Peter Griner and His Descendants” book and that the missing child of Eli Griner Sr. and Rachel Loder will be forever unlinked.

Eli Griner Sr. and Rachel Loder is my 3rd great-grandparents on my maternal side of mom side of her family, my late mother’s maternal grandfather was Charles Berdeaux Griner (father of Mabel Emily Griner), Charles Griner father was Louis Eli Griner who was born in Philadelphia, PA and he died on October 28th, 1895 at the age of 34 year old, when my great-grandfather was only 6 years old. NO Wonder why this guy Louis seem to disappear into thin air! and believing that Louis Griner was “made up” father in was never listed in any of the census in his lifetime! with his either his own family or in the household of his parents and siblings  (this is why it was a brick wall for many years) until 2014.  with the help of Carol Esselborn, who lives in St. Charles, Missouri, she had founded my information online and she emailed me asking me if I was related to Ida Griner who married name became Gasser, At first I told her that I have no idea and  I knew that my great grandfather Charles Griner, had a brother named Alfred Terrance Griner, who died young but there was never any mentioned of my great-grandfather having a sister named Ida not that I recalled. I don’t think my mom or my grandmother knew or simply my great-grandfather never talked about her.. who knows!

so Carol had asked me what I knew about my Griner line and all I said was from what I told and what I already know from the genealogy records, she went to great-length to see if they were any more of the Griners buried in that area near in Belleville, Illinois and St. Louis Missouri and it took her about a couple more months after first reaching out to me. she emailed me right away and told me that she had found the burial location of Louis Griner, his wife and Charles Brother Alfred Griner. I was thrilled and new ray of hope comes shinning out! I wasted no time researching into the Griner side of the family again. it took me another year or two to actually located the actual marriage and death records of my 2nd great-grandfather Louis Eli Griner, who died in 1895. and another year or two to locate the biological family of Louis Griner that lives near Philadelphia, PA. I knew that Louis parents was Eli Griner and Rachel Loder, but where did they lived?.. the answered was finally solved when I did an public tree search of a Eli Griner and Rachel Loder and only one tree came back and that was Jennie Griner, who herself is a descendant of John Griner Sr and Eleanor Garrison, she came from Elias Griner, brother of Eli Griner and I asked her if she was willing to take a DNA test and she said yes, after she purchased her own kit we both waited to see if we were a DNA match to our surprised it was a match! I was thrilled, knowing that I found Lois’s biological family and Jennie and I are indeed cousins… The rest is history.. I now keep in touch with the Griner’s from nj

My lineage to Peter Griner is as follows:

Me–>My late mother (Nancy) –> Mabel Emily Griner –> Charles Bredeaux Griner —> Louis Eli Griner—> Eli Griner Sr. —> John Griner Sr. — Peter Griner (1742-1841) (a brick wall no more!)

See: Charles Griner




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