Sarah Elwell

Sarah Elwell is my 9th great-grandmother and a mother of Mary Walling (my 8th great-grandmother), Sarah Elwell was born on August 24th 1676 in Lynn, Mass. and died on December 19th 1724 in Salem County, New Jersey., and based on her parents Thomas Elwell and Sarah Bassett marriage record dated 23rd of November 1675.

(Town and City Clerks of Massachusetts. Massachusetts Vital and Town Records 1620-1988, for Thomas Elwell and Sarah Bassett marriage record (

Sarah, was the eldest daughter of Thomas Elwell and Sarah Bassett of Lynn Mass. and a niece of Elizabeth Proctor (nee Bassett) and 2nd great-grandmother of Eleanor Garrison, who married John Griner Sr. of Cumberland County, NJ.

 After the Salem Witch Trails hysteria, Sarah left home and moved to Providence, Rhode Island to start life anew, She married Thomas Walling II on May 10th 1695 and Thomas and Sarah’s first 2 children was born in Providence, Rhode Island, soon after their 2 children were born, they decided to move to Cohansey, Salem County, New Jersey for good. (probably because of religion reasons) ( see the birth registration).

Thomas Elwell, The father of Sarah Elwell, who married Thomas Walling II passed away in 1706 leaving a will to his wife, Sarah and his family and in this will, Thomas mentioned his son-in-law Thomas Walling.

Sarah Elwell’s grandfather is Capt. William Bassettt of Lynn, Mass. (William Bassett of Lynn, Mass is my 10th great-grandfather).