The Burnett of Leys Family

The House of Burnett is one of the most illustrious and oldest noble house in Scotland with royal ancestry that can trace back to both Scotland and England before the Norman Conquest. The current members and their descendants of the Burnett of Leys family are related to 22 monarchs either by blood or marriage including relations to the great Scottish noble families that include: The Arbuthnot, The Hamilton, The Gordon, The Forbes, and the Dunbar for example. The main family branch of House of Burnett, has an amazing long line of 22 male heirs that has been unbroken for each generation of that family, there is a total of 13 Baronet of Leys to date. 

The main branch of the House of Burnett is the Burnett of Leys family, they are the head of several  branches of families that connected to the Burnett of Leys and they are: The Burnett of Barnes, The Burnett of Crimond, The Burnett of Balmain, The Burnett of Monboddo, The Burnett of Craigmyle, and The Burnett of Kemnay.