The Elwell Family of Gloucester, Massachusetts and Salem County, New Jersey

The ancestor of the Elwell family begins with Robert Elwell, who was born in England in about 1609. Robert Elwell first arrived in America and became a resident of Dorchester, in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, by 1634, fourteen years after the arrival of Mayflower at Plymouth Rock. According to some records, Robert Elwell grew up in a small farming community in southern, England, probably in the area of Dorest, where he later met his wife, Joanne Dolliver/Dalliber.

Robert Elwell was a well know fisherman, landowner and constable in Essex County, Massachusetts area.

On February 19th, 1642/43 Robert was admitted to Salem Church in Salem, Massachusetts, which is now the First Church in Salem, he was later dismissed by the church probably because of his job, which require him to travel.

Robert Elwell was, first a constable in the town of Marblehead from June 30th, 1640 to February 1st, 1641 and later became a countable again in Gloucester, on June 30th 1657.

Robert Elwell and his wife, Joann had a total of 11 children:

  • Mary Elwell * – born in England. in 1634. Died on September 29th, 1708 in Gloucester, Mass. age 74.
  • Samuel Elwell * – born in Dorchester, Mass. in 1636. Died on November 24th, 1696. age 61. (ancestor of Norman Rockwell and Sarah Jessica Parker)
  • Josiah Elwell – born on August 28th, 1638 in Salem, Mass. Died at the age under 40 before 1679.
  • John Elwell * – born in Dorchester, Mass. November 23rd, 1639 Died February of 1709 or 1710.
  • Isaac Elwell * – born in Salem, Mass. Died December 14th, 1715.
  • Joseph Elwell * – born abt. 1648 Died in 1701. age 53.
  • Sara Elwell – born on April 20th, 1651 in Gloucester, Mass. Died April 23rd, 1651 in Gloucester, Mass. age 3 days.
  • Sara Elwell – born on March 12th, 1652 in Gloucester, Mass. Died August 26th, 1655 aged 3.
  • Thomas Elwell * – born on November 21st, 1654 in Gloucester Mass. Died in Salem County, New Jersey on April 25th, 1706. Age 52.
  • Jacob Elwell – born on June 10th, 1657 in Gloucester, Mass. Died age 11 in Gloucester, Mass.
  • Richard Elwell – born on April 11th, 1658 in Gloucester, Mass. Died age 25 in Gloucester, Mass.

*Surviving children by the time of Robert Elwell’s death.

My ancestor Thomas Elwell, the son of Robert Elwell was mention in Robert Elwell’s will dated May 15th, 1683.

my ancestor Thomas Elwell, son of Robert Elwell was born Gloucester, Massachusetts. on November 21st, 1654. Thomas Elwell, married Sarah Bassett, daughter of Capt. William Bassett. Thomas Elwell married into the Bassett Family of Lynn Massachusetts. that has ties to the history of Salem Witch Trails on November 23rd, 1675 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The Marriage record of my ancestor Thomas Elwell to Sarah Bassett of Lynn, Massachusetts.

one of Thomas Elwell’s daughter Sarah Elwell was born on June 24th, 1676 in Gloucester, Massachusetts as their eldest child.

Sarah Elwell’s birth record listed her parents as Thomas Elwell and his wife, Sarah.

Sarah Elwell, later met Thomas Walling II and married into the Walling Family of Providence, Rhode Island.

Sarah Elwell’s marriage to Thomas Walling of Providence, Rhode Island. On May 10th or the 20th, 1695.

in Thomas Elwell’s will he made a reference to his daughter, Sarah Elwell as Sarah Walling, wife of Thomas Walling.

The will of Thomas Elwell’s will which was proved on April 20th, 1707 in Salem County, New Jersey.

this is how my ancestor, Thomas Elwell and his, wife Sarah Bassett along with their children, including my ancestor Sarah Elwell and her husband Thomas Walling II arrived and settled in Salem County, New Jersey.