William Tullis Sr.

William Tullis Sr. is my 6th great-grandfather and a father of Anna Tullis (my 5x great grandmother) William Tullis is one of the sons of Robert Tullis and Esther Fithian. William was born on June 5th 1715 in Salem County, New Jersey and he died on December 9th 1796 in Deerfield, Cumberland County, New Jersey according to this genealogy:

This genealogy shows that William was married 4 times first to Elinor Denton ( had issue) and 2ndly to my 6x great grandmother Mary Platts, the daughter of Moses Platts and Rachel Garrison (had issues). This is only the first 2 marriages that has descendants, there is no known issues with his 3rd or 4th wife. According to this genealogy from the genealogy book called “Family lines of Edward Scott Hitchner and Rebecca Cole Bitters, vol. 1” is that William Tullis died interstate (without a will) and the the farm of William Tullis was not divided among his children until a few years later in 1800. ( Yikes!, I can only imagine!)

According to the genealogy book called “South Jersey Marriage Records Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties.” which was compiled by H. Stanley Craig” found the marriage of William Tullis Sr. and Mary Platts were being recorded at Greenwich Presbyterian Church, the same church where his grandmother Priscilla Burnett was married at. William’s marriage date was not recorded, but the marriage record is at the church, which it still exist today. The children with his second wife Mary Platts are: Anna Tullis, Moses Tullis, Mary Tullis, Elinor Tullis, Eli Tullis and Ruth Tullis. 

This is the partial photocopy of the Land deeds between Moses Tullis, (the son of William Sr) and Joseph Fauver (husband of Ruth Tullis) there is too many images to show, so I showed the photocopy of the beginning of the land deeds.

The next record that I want to show you is the Will abstract of Joseph Fauver, the husband of one of my 5x great-grandmother Anna Tullis’s sister Ruth Tullis and guess who showed up as a witness to his will in 1804??.. Eleanor Garrison showed up, she wasn’t married, remember she wasn’t married until 1807.

The summery of the will of Joseph Fauver, the husband of Ruth Tullis and uncle of my 4x great-grandmother Eleanor Garrison; dated April 6th, 1804
The genealogy of William Tullis Sr.
This is one of the few DNA matches that confirms my dna matches with the descendants of Mary Tullis, sister of my 5x great-grandmother Anna Tullis. Ancestry DNA

The parents of my 6x great-grandfather is Robert Tullis Sr. and Esther Fithian.