Elizabeth “Betsey” Beatty

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Full Name Elizabeth "Betsey" Beatty -
Birth#1Date of Birth26 Mar 1752
Place of BirthNeshaminy, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, Colonial America
Spouse#1NamePhilip Vickers Fithian
#2NameJoel Fithian
Children ♂️ Josiah Fithian, ♂️ Enoch Fithian, ♂️ Erkurius B. Fithian, ♂️ Samuel Fithian, ♂️ Charles B. Fithian, ♂️ Philip Fithian
Death#1Date of death6 Aug 1825
Place of deathRoadstown, Stoe Creek Twp., Cumberland, New Jersey, United States
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