Samuel Fithian

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Full Name Samuel Fithian -
Birth#1Date of Birth12 Oct 1715
Place of BirthGreenwich, Cumberland, New Jersey, United States
Father Josiah Fithian Esq
Mother Sarah Dennis
Siblings ♂️ John Fithian, ♂️ John Fithian, ♂️ Jeremiah Fithian, ♀️ Esther Fithian, ♂️ Joseph Fithian, ♀️ Hannah Fithian, ♀️ Sarah Fithian, ♂️ Josiah Fithian
Spouse#1NameMary Furman Clark
#2NamePhebe Seeley
Children ♂️ Samuel Fithian, ♀️ Ruth Fithian, ♀️ Sarah Fithian, ♀️ Mary Fithian, ♀️ Elizabeth Fithian, ♂️ Joel Fithian, ♀️ Amy Fithian, ♀️ Rachel Fithian, ♀️ Hannah Fithian, ♂️ Seeley Fithian
Death#1Date of death2 Nov 1777
Place of deathGreenwich, Cumberland, New Jersey, United States
Burial #1
PlaceGreenwich, Cumberland County, New Jersey, USA
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