Note: Most these relations that are listed here are on my great-grandfather Charles Griner’s paternal side of his family, this line has deep New England and Royal Ancestry

(see Our Royal Connection) and also on his mother’s Emily Berdeaux  side of her family her famous relative is her uncle, Rear Admiral Louis Kempff.

1. Lady Diana Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales – 12th cousin 2x removed. (Descendant of the House of Burnett)

2. Sir Winston Spencer – Churchill, PM of Great Britain – 10th cousin 2x removed. (Descendant of The Griggs Family)

3. Jeanette “Jennie” Jerome, mother of Winston Churchill – 10th cousin 1x removed. (Descendant of The Griggs Family)

4. Louisa May Alcott, author of “Little Women” – 7th cousin 3x removed. (Descendant of The Cooper Family of Southampton, Long Island)

5. Philip Vickers Fithian, American Diarist during the American Revolution – 2nd cousin 7x removed. (Descendant of The Burnett and Fithian Family of Southampton Long Island and Salem, County, New Jersey)

6. John Proctor, of the Salem Witch Trails – 9th great-uncle (via. marriage to my 9th great-grandaunt Elizabeth Bassett.) (Bassett Family of Lynn Mass. and Salem County, New Jersey)

7. King Edward III of England – 20th great-grandfather (Descendant of the House of Plantagenets)

8. King James II of Scotland – 16th great-grandfather (Descendant of the House of Stewart)

9. King Henry VIII, King of England – 3rd cousin 16x removed. (Descendant of the House of Plantagenets)

10. Frances Burke Roche, mother of Diana, Princess of Wales -12th cousin 1x removed. (Descendant of the House of Burnett)

11. Mary, Queen of Scots – 3rd cousin 14x removed. (Descendant of the House of Stewart)

12. Elizabeth I of England –  4th cousin 14x removed. (Descendant of the House of Plantagenets)

13. Louis Kempff – 3rd great-granduncle ( my 2nd great-grandmother Emily Berdeaux mother, Fredericka Kempff ’s younger brother)

14. Anne Boleyn, Queen consort of England – 6th cousin 15x removed. (Descendant of the House of Plantagenets)

15. Mary Boleyn, sister of Anne Boleyn – 6th cousin 15x removed. (Descendant of the House of Plantagenets)

16. Lucius Elmer, U.S. Congressman – 3rd cousin 6x removed. (member of the Fithian Family of Bridgeton, New Jersey, a distant relative of Philip Vickers Fithian)

17. Mary I of England – 4th cousin 14x removed. (Descendant of the House of Plantagenets)

18. Richard III of England – 2nd cousin 18x removed. (Descendant of the House of Plantagenets)

19. Charles I of England – 5th cousin 11x removed. (Descendant of the House of Stewart, later Stuart)

20. Charles II of England – 5th cousin 12x removed, son of Charles I of England (Descendant of the House of Stuart)

21. Alexander Hamilton, 1st U.S. Secretary of the Treasury – 10th cousin 2x removed. (Descendant of the House of Hamilton)

22. George Washington, 1st President of the U.S. – 11th cousin 9x removed. (Descendant of the House of Plantagenets)

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