Awesome work..
Hello Anne, I stumbled across your site via Twitter and i am surprise with what you have done with your genealogical research. Keep up the great work. I have sent you an autograph copy of my book "Killer of the Kings: The Men who dared to execute Charles 1st" via post.. your distant cousin -- Earl Spencer (brother of the of late, Diana, Princess of Wales)
Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer
One of the best..
Hello, my name is Keith Burnette. I did a DNA test and led to looking up some information on the family name. I found your site to be the best I had come across. Great job and I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. Best wishes and thank you again.
Keith Burnette

June 15th 2017:

Hi Everyone,

My name is Anne and welcome to my site about my family history. I have been researching my family history now for many years and I have developed a deep love for genealogy.. i been wanting to know more about my family history ever since i was a little girl. I used watch my mother work on her genealogy at home in her spare time and or during her break at work, She used to work at the county hall of records where she had access to alot of genealogical records that was not yet accessible to the public in the late 80’s and into the mid 1990’s, where the internet was at the time was still in it’s infancy.

My mother really wanted to know more about her Irish roots and did not have much to go on and records wise and unfortunately she did not live long enough to take a DNA test when it first came out and to be able to see how the internet, dna and family records are becoming more accessible today online than it was more than 20 years ago. She would be thrilled if she have lived to see how technology and science has advanced especially with DNA..

Today finding your roots is becoming more easier today to trace by taking a dna test as a tool to assist with your research and to finding the original records and dna cousins to confirm your family history and that s the key to finding who you really are and discover your family’s past and your ancestor’s story.. Who know maybe we are related? let’s find your roots.. together..

If you’re interested in finding your roots please feel free to sign up at our main family tree@preview section or email me.

Take care for now,

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