Generational of Family Records of Capt. William Bassett of Lynn, Massachusetts

My mother’s ancestry has ties to the Salem Witch Trails of 1692 on her maternal grandfather Charles Griner’s paternal side of his family.

Charles Griner’s grandfather was Eli Griner Sr. Eli Griner’s was the son of Eleanor Garrison, who married John Griner Sr. in 1807. Eleanor Garrison was a great-granddaughter of Mary Walling, daughter of Thomas Walling II and Sarah Elwell. Mary Walling (as his 2nd wife) married Jacob Garrison Jr. on February 4th 1719/1720.

Thomas Walling and Sarah Elwell was married on May 10th or 20th 1695 in Providence, Rhode Island. Sarah Elwell’s parents were Thomas Elwell Sr. and Sarah Bassett of Lynn, Massachusetts, daughter of Capt. William Bassett Sr. and Sarah Burt of Lynn, Massachusetts. Even though my mother’s ancestor’s family was deeply impacted by the Witch Trials, however it is not known to whether her ancestors themselves were involved in the trails, but most of her immediate family was.

Those who were greatly impacted was Elizabeth Proctor (nee Bassett) later Richards, William Bassett Jr. and his, wife Sarah Hood, Mary DeRich (nee Bassett). Here are the genealogical records and DNA matches that ties to my late mother.

The Family Tree of Capt. William Bassett Sr. of Lynn Massachusetts

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