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The Salem Witch Trails of 1692

I know that Halloween is less than two months away. and all we can think of Halloween is a day of celebration of All Hollow Eve’s and if you go to Salem, Massachusetts during the month of October, you’ll noticed that that town of Salem is associated with witches and devils and all of Halloween related stuff for entertainment purposes, yes the trip may be fun but tourists often forget that there are  no such things as witches, or the devils. and often times tourist would also romanticized the half-truth/half lies and getting Halloween mixed up with the actual tragedy of the REAL history of Salem Witch Trails of 1692.

If you ever get a chance to visit Salem, Massachusetts, please remember the real history of the place and pay your respect to those victims who lost their lives tragically in 1692. I’m sure they would appreciate that they know that they are still being remembered for and still being care about. I’m sure after you paid your respect I’m sure that they don’t mind that you enjoy your time in Salem, Massachusetts especially on Halloween.🙂


Even though, I never actually visited Salem, Massachusetts before.  I am planning on visiting there sometimes in the near future, it is on my bucket list of places to travel to for a while now even before discovering that I have actual connection (family history)  to one of the darkest period in America’s history and the most tragic thing that had ever happened during the colonel period in American history. I never thought in a million years that my family had any real ties to the Salem Witch Trails of 1692, left alone being related to some of the famous families of New England ( The Bassett of Lynn, Massachusetts , The Elwell and the Proctor’s family) I never thought that some of my ancestors was here during the 1630’s after that and before the mid-1800’s. I have originally believed that all my ancestors arrived here during the 1840-1850’s and boy! I was so wrong.

When I started researching my maternal great-grandfather Charles Griner’s ancestry. I didn’t think much of anything and believed that there is not much to tell anyway. I was dead wrong again it turned out that my maternal great-grandfather’s ancestry is so interesting, so deep  and so old, so interwind with America’s history to me its almost hilarious, shocking  and still extremely hard to believe that it is indeed true and that the actual records to this day still exist. I still have a hard time believing that I do have these actual connections to these times and places in America’s history.

How is he connected? My maternal great-grandfather, Charles Griner is the 6th great-nephew of Elizabeth Proctor of Salem Witch Trails, one of Elizabeth’s sisters, Sarah Bassett is our ancestor (his 6x great-grandmother and my 9th).  Sarah Bassett married Thomas Elwell in 1675 and had a daughter named Sarah Elwell, who married Thomas Walling II in Providence, Rhode Island in 1695 before the family moved to Salem County, New Jersey. They had a large family one of their daughter was Mary Walling/Wallen who was born in Salem County, New Jersey and she married a guy named Jacob Garrison Jr. who was also from the same area. Mary Walling was his second wife) they were married at Christ Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Febraury 4th 1719/1720. Mary and Jacob Garrison had children, one of them is my 6th great-grandfather Daniel Garrison who was born about 1724 in Salem County, New Jersey and he died there in December of 1799, according to his will.  He had a few siblings, one of them is David Garrison.  One of Daniel’s son was Cornelius Garrison, who died in December of 1794 is my 5x great-grandfather, Cornelis Garrison, married Anna Tullis and had a daughter named  Eleanor Garrison (my 4th great-grandmother), who was born in c. 1780 and married John Griner Sr in 1807 in Cumberland County, New Jersey. One of their children was my 3rd great-grandfather,  Eli Griner Sr. who married Rachael Loder in 1837 and later had children, one of them is my 2nd great-grandfather Louis Griner, who was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1861.

Louis Griner and Emily Berdeaux was married on January 31st 1886 and they had three children: Alfred Terrance Griner, Charles Berdeaux Griner and Ida Marion Griner, who married named became Gasser.

Charles Berdeaux Griner is my great-grandfather. Charles Griner 7th grandparents were Capt. William Bassett Sr. and Sarah Burt of Lynn, Massachusetts.

Here is the original will of Capt. William Bassett Sr. of Lynn, Massachusetts







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