Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer (via Twitter)
What an amazing job!
I stumbled across your family website and I am amazed with what you have done with your research. Keep up the great work! I hope you enjoy reading my book - "Killer of the Kings: The Men Who Dared to Execute Charles 1" I sent an autographed copy via post. -- your distant cousin, Earl Spencer. (brother of the late Diana, Princess of Wales) (see relationship)
Keith Burnette
Great Job!
Hello, my name is Keith Burnette. I did a DNA test and led to looking up some information on the family name. I found you site to be the best I had come across. Great job and I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. Best wishes and thank you again.

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June 16th 2017:

To Family and Friends,

Welcome to my family tree website called the, it is a family tree website about our ancestry. As you can see that there is a tons of interesting stuff on here, for you to read and I wouldn’t be surprised for you to see the facts, sources and information on this site and then have you giggle at it or crack up at it. Believe me, at times as I or my extended family and friends research any of my lineages or anyone else’s I still get surprise from time to time. This is why I love genealogy and history of any kind. I think it is is really important for family members and friends to see and share this and my goal of this family tree is to make sure that everyone young or old will be able to know, remember and preserve our family history in anyway possible for yourself and for every generation to come. 

I really hope that you enjoy this site and please come back in the near feature for new information and stuff to be added to this site and also please check out the genealogy section of the website:

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If you spot any errors, suggestions or new information relating to our family please feel free to drop me a line  Contact Me

Thank You and Happy Surfing! 🙂

Anne Sturm