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Here are some of the book that i used while researching my family history 🙂

Burnet-Ferguson Schneider a family history book that is well written and researched by Jim Schneider. This book listed all known descendants of Dr. Thomas Burnett Jr. and Mary Cooper. Which also include my ancestors, my 7th great grandparents Esther Fithian and Robert Tullis as well as my cousin’s ancestors. This book is highly recommend, its also very detailed and is worth the read.

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The Ancestry of Diana, Princess of Wales by Richard K. Evans, published by the New England Historical Society. This book has most of her Scottish ancestors including the surnames Burnett, Arbuthnot, Frasers, Gordon and a few others. I have to admit that this book is a tad bit confusing, but it gives you a general idea how she was connected to those Scottish noble families for up to 12 generations, that does include Alexander Burnett, 11th Laird of Leys and his wife Katherine  Arbuthnot. 

This book can be purchased hereThe New England Historical Genealogical Society

Crannog to Castle is in part a sequel to the late nineteenth century Spalding edition of the history of the family of Burnett of Leys. In updating the family membership, it also acknowledges the interest of more remote kinsmen and refers to the origins and genealogy of the Burnett of Leys. In accordance with the title, we have sought to inform on their life on the Loch of Leys and their home in twenty-first century. We have illustrated their heraldry and we have identified some of their final places of rest. One of the best book I ever purchased, this book is well researched by the official Burnett of Leys genealogist Eileen A. Bailey.

This book can be purchased hereThe Burnett of Leys’s Official Website

A sequel to Crannog to Castle, a history of the Burnetts to date. Contents, by several contributors, include updated genealogy and history of the family, their early and modern estates, accounts and lives of eminent Burnetts, merchant Burnetts of Aberdeen, Royal, Russian and Cecil connections, poems, reels and letters and much more information on this family.

This volume is edited and compiled by Eileen Bailey. FSA Scot. Official family historian and genealogist.

 This book can be purchased atThe Burnett of Leys’s Official Website

Once again Gary Boyd Roberts has assembled all recent royal descent research, some yet unpublished, and produced an authoritative, up-to-date compendium. In the 2006 edition of The Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants he added eighteen new immigrants to his previous 650. In this edition, he has added twenty-eight more, so that with a few disproofs (Curwens/Corwins of Massachusetts and New York, Byes of Pennsylvania, and Edwardses, one Evans and Hugh Jones of Hugh Jones of Pennsylvania), this total is now 688.

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A comprehensive visual encyclopedia of the British monarchy and a fascinating insight into their world.

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The Way of Improvement Leads Home traces the short but fascinating life of Philip Vickers Fithian, one of the most prolific diarists in early America. Born to Presbyterian grain-growers in rural New Jersey, he was never quite satisfied with the agricultural life he seemed destined to inherit. Fithian longed for something more—to improve himself in a revolutionary world that was making upward mobility possible. While Fithian is best known for the diary that he wrote in 1773-74 while working as a tutor at Nomini Hall, the Virginia plantation of Robert Carter, this first full biography moves beyond his experience in the Old Dominion to examine his inner life, his experience in the early American backcountry, his love affair with Elizabeth Beatty, and his role as a Revolutionary War chaplain.

From the villages of New Jersey, Fithian was able to participate indirectly in the eighteenth-century republic of letters—a transatlantic intellectual community sustained through sociability, print, and the pursuit of mutual improvement. The republic of letters was above all else a rational republic, with little tolerance for those unable to rid themselves of parochial passions. Participation required a commitment to self-improvement that demanded a belief in the Enlightenment values of human potential and social progress. Although Fithian was deeply committed to these values, he constantly struggled to reconcile his quest for a cosmopolitan life with his love of home. As John Fea argues, it was the people, the religious culture, and the very landscape of his “native sod” that continued to hold Fithian’s affections and enabled him to live a life worthy of a man of letters.

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From the reign of Alfred the Great—the first king of Wessex to call himself ‘king of England’—in the ninth century, to the shock of the Norman invasion in the 11th, and from the brutal vicissitudes of late medieval kingship to the comfortable ceremonial of modern-day constitutional monarchy, the story of England’s kings and queens is to a large degree that of England herself.

The Kings & Queens of England offers elegant portraits of 59 English monarchs from Harold II to Henry VIII, and from Æthelred the Unready to Elizabeth II. Each sovereign is concisely and memorably profiled and the impact of his or her rule on wider English, and indeed world history, clearly described and analyzed. For every king and queen there is a detailed timeline of key events, and the narrative is further amplified by quotations, feature boxes, panels of key biographical facts, and—last but not least—by 135 lavish full-color images.

Author Ian Crofton recounts a 1000-year tale of murder, invasion, usurpation, adultery, divorce, civil

war, and revolution in a manner that is as entertaining as it is informative. The Kings & Queens of England is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an illustrated and accessible history of the English monarchy from the Anglo-Saxon era to the present.

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Fascinating biographies of the British monarchs from the time of Roman Britannia to the present day answer your every question about the country’s aristocracy. Details of the kings’ and queens’ personalities are the focus, with a timeline across the bottom relating the major events of their reigns. Also included is a section devoted to royal edicts. All the Edwards, Richards, Henrys, and Williams are represented, along with outstanding personalities such as Lady Jane Grey and Oliver Cromwell — a king in all but name. This is essential reading for all Anglophiles, so brew a pot of tea and dig into the history!

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Published by my 6th cousin Andrea Batcho – Not every marriage or death in or involving persons from Cumberland County, New Jersey, was filed with the government. Fortunately, many families placed a notice in the local newspaper, “The West Jersey Pioneer.” No longer do you have to go page by page, squinting at hard-to-read microfilm hoping to locate a person! In this book, you will find the marriage and death notices from every available issue from November 20, 1852, until December 31, 1859, with bonus local news stories of deaths.

The special design features of the index include a notation if a woman was married and her husband’s name, if mentioned, as well as all different spellings of the same surname grouped together. Now you can easily pinpoint a married woman with a popular name, such as Sarah Ayars, in 12 point type without the headache and frustration!

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Published by my 6th cousin Andrea Batcho – Not every marriage or death in or involving persons from Salem County, New Jersey, was filed with the government. Fortunately, sometimes a notice was featured in the local newspaper, “The Salem Messenger and Public Advertiser.” No longer do you have to go page by page, squinting at hard-to-read microfilm hoping to locate a person! In this book, you will find the local marriage and death notices from all 38 issues available online beginning November 17, 1819, through April 25, 1832.

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George III is alleged to have married secretly, on 17th April, 1759, a Quakeress called Hannah Lightfoot, daughter of a Wapping shoemaker, who is said to have borne him three children. Documents relating to the alleged marriage, bearing the Prince’s signature, were impounded and examined in 1866 by the Attorney General. Learned opinion at the time leaned to the view that these documents were genuine. They were then placed in the Royal Archives at Windsor; in 1910, permission was refused a would-be author who asked to see them. If George III did make such a marriage when he was Prince of Wales, before the passing of the Royal Marriages Act in 1772, then his subsequent marriage to Queen Charlotte was bigamous, and every monarch of Britain since has been a usurper, the rightful heirs of George III being his children by Hannah Lightfoot, if they ever existed.’ From Britain’s Royal Families Britain’s Royal Families is a unique reference book. It provides, for the first time in one volume, complete genealogical details of all members of the royal houses of England, Scotland and Great Britain – from 800AD to the present. Here is the vital biographical information relating not only to each monarch, but also to every member of their immediate family, from parents to grandchildren. Drawing on countless authorities, both ancient and modern, Alison Weir explores the royal family tree in unprecedented depth and provides a comprehensive guide to the heritage of today’s royal family.

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The Bassett Family: Lynn, Mass. to Salem County, New Jersey. (1624-1964)

The genealogy and family history of the Bassett Family of Lynn, Massachusetts to Salem County, New Jersey. Researched and published by Catherine Soleman Chandler for the Salem County Historical Society

The Elwell Family: Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, Southern New Jersey

Check your local historical societies, or ask me, I have a copy of it.

The Genealogy of Peter Griner and His Descendants, researched by my late cousin Beverly McNally.

Check your local historical societies or ask me, I have a copy of it.

Like leaves in the wind, the lives of seven generations of the Elwell Family were driven by early American history. A short fourteen years after the Mayflower, Robert Elwell landed at the Massachusetts Bay Colony and prospered in one of the first settlements in the New World. His children fought in the first Indian War and endured the Salem Witch Trials. A new frontier in West Jersey became a refuge; and, two generations later, the starting point for a westward migration that lasted for over a century. Patriot Thomas Elwell sought his fortune on the Allegheny frontier and sharpened his skills as a soldier in Dunmore’s War. He survived eight years of Revolutionary War service including front line combat in key northern battles, Valley Forge and the final southern campaign leading to Yorktown. Thomas moved west to Cumberland to welcome troops mustering to put down the Whiskey Rebellion before homesteading as an early settler in Ohio. His children pushed westward to build lives in the new Northwest Territory.

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This companion book to Puritans, Patriots and Pioneers contains valuable source information in an indexed Genealogy Report format.

Puritans, Patriots and Pioneers follows the Elwell family over seven generations of history, from early colonial times and the Revolutionary War to migrating to the Midwest and fighting in the Civil War. Patriot Thomas Elwell left West Jersey to seek his fortune on the Allegheny frontier. After eight years of service in the Revolutionary War, he had traveled the colonies from New York to the Carolinas and was ready to raise a family on the Ohio frontier.. It’s an epic story of challenge and change, progress and peril, lived by everyday heroes struggling to make a better life for their children. (The Salem Witch Trails are also mentioned)

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