The Burnett of Leys Connection

The Burnett of Leys family connection is on my maternal great-grandfather’s paternal side of his family. Charles Griner’s 5th great-grandmother was Priscilla Burnett of Leys, a daughter of Thomas Burnett Jr. of Leys and Mary Cooper of Southampton, Long Island. Thomas Burnett Jr., was the one of the sons of Dr. Thomas Burnett Sr. of Braintree, England and Jane Foys of London, England

Dr. Thomas Burnett Sr. of Leys was born in Crathes Castle and and was the 3rd son of Alexander Burnett, 11th Laird of Leys and the Hon. Katherine Arbuthnot of Fiddies.  Thomas Jr. was educated in about 1603 at the University of Cambridge. He was employed as a doctor in Cambridge and also in Braintree, England, and was described as a “physician of eminence.” this is how he met and married Jane Foys of London, daughter of John Foys of London.

Dr. Thomas Burnett Sr. of Leys had an oldest brother was also named Alexander Burnett, who later became the 12th Leys of Leys, upon the death of their father Alexander Burnett, 11th of Leys. Alexander Burnett, the eldest son would later inherit his father title and his estate that include Crathes Castle. because of the hereditary laws in the United Kingdom that states that the eldest male hair would automatically inherit their father’s title and estate.

Because of this law, Dr. Thomas Burnett Sr of Leys was given more freedom to do what he wishes to do and he decided to become a doctor settling up his practice mainly in Braintree, England.

Di. Thomas Burnett Sr of Leys and Jane Foys had three children all born in Braintree, England

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